Who Needs An Inspection:

Whether you’re buying a home, selling your home, improving your home, maintaining your home’s value or making sure you’re safe to stay in your home, SM Home Inspection can help you.


When buying a home you want to be assured that you’re investing in a sound and safe structure. You have already decided that you like the looks and location of the house. Next is to make sure its worthy of your investment. The Home Buyer’s Inspection helps you make that decision. A detailed and photo enhanced report is provided that follows the guidelines of the “New York State Standards of Practice”. Your questions can be answered about the different systems in the house and how to run and maintain them, especially if you’re a first time home buyer.


If you are preparing to sell your home a pre-sale inspection is a good way to find out if there is anything that might stall or stop a sale from going through. The Home Owner’s Maintenance Inspection will help the process proceed fast and easy for you and the potential buyer. It is less detailed and without pictures, but still follows the “New York State Standards of Practice”. This allows it to be more affordable but still informative.


The Home Owner’s Maintenance Inspection is a great way to “maintain the value of your home”. It follows the “New York State Standards of Practice” for home inspection, so it is thorough. It has no pictures and is a little less detailed than a buyer’s inspection, but this keeps it affordable. Problems or potential problems are pointed out with advice on how to remedy them. It also gives a good benchmark so an area can be monitored.


A Home Safety Inspection is a good idea for seniors. Being able to stay in your home safely for as long as possible can save you an immense amount of money and lets you keep your independence. It is a checklist type inspection with notes emphasizing recommendations to enhance your home for your current lifestyle. The home is inspected for problems or potential problems and advice is given to remedy and prioritize them. All the systems are not tested and reported on in as much detail as for a real estate transaction, but enough is done to give peace of mind to you and your family.


SM Home Inspection also can provide you with consultation on an hourly basis if you are considering any home repair, home improvement or energy savings upgrades. This allows you to get an objective opinion on whether a repair is needed, the extent that is required or if the quote you have gotten includes everything that it should.