Seniors Home Safety Inspection

senior home inspection albany nyHome Safety Inspection- $99

The purpose of this inspection is to provide a report that covers the overall condition of the home with an eye on repairs to maintain the value of the home and for personal safety. It is a checklist style report with notes. Recommendations are given and prioritized with the needs of seniors in mind.

To keep this an affordable option, the testing and reporting of heating and cooling systems does not follow the New York State standards of practice for a real estate transaction. It does give a visual inspection with recommendations if deemed necessary.


“It’s time to make the house fit you and not for you to fit the house”

“Falls in the home are the #1 EMS call”.

“A fall can make you lose your independence and lower your quality of life”.

“Wherever you need to be on one foot you should have a grab bar”.

“It’s just a grab bar; not a handicap bar, not a senior bar, not an old fogey bar, not a chin up bar; it’s just a grab bar.”